“Allow Nature’s peace to flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.” – John Muir

photo of light in trees

The Watoga State Park Foundations’ mission is to “be a resource for the park and the general public with respect to recreation, conservation, ecology, history, and in support of the natural resources throughout the park.”

Current Foundation endeavors include:
*Purchasing and installing new playground equipment.
*Purchasing interpretive signs detailing scenic, historic, and natural points of interest.
*Organizing volunteers to keep hiking trails in top condition.

*Organizing Dark Sky Star Watch Parties and educational programs. Watoga is the first-ever International Dark Sky Park in West Virginia.

*Sponsorship and facilitators of the Mountain Trail Challenge Races (5K and Half_marathon), held the second Saturday of August each year.

Since 2015, the Foundation has helped with a number of park projects including:
*Restoration of the pioneer-era Workman Cabin, built in 1887.
*Funding for the installation of solar panels to heat the swimming pool.
*Obtained International Dark Sky designation for Watoga, including replacement of 98% of lighting fixtures within the park.
*Installation of 67 park benches are part of the Watoga State Park Bench Project. 
*Provide funds for naturalists, programming, and other activities in the park. 







Rhododendron bloom on Park Rd
Rhododendron bloom on Park Rd


Monongasenka overlook south towards Droop Mountain in distance




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