Porch Rocker

Do you have a special cabin you hold dear in your heart? Have you created some great memories at Watoga and would like to leave something there in honor of those memories? Perhaps you are searching for a way to memorialize a loved one who visited the park, or who loved the outdoors.  Our Porch Rocker project could be just the right way to do all of those things. 

Our Porch Rocker project will help furnish the cabin decks, where visitors can enjoy the sights and sounds of the park in comfort for hours and see your inscription on the dedication plaque.  It truly is a gift that keeps giving.  As well, this project will support many projects in the park such as playground repairs, Dark Sky programs, and park activities

Cabin placement is first come, first serve choice and you may indicate an inscription. The porch rockers are very solid, heavy duty, super comfortable and made of recycled materials.

Each Porch Rocker is a $500 donation.  If you have questions you can email Wayne Pollard at , or call 303-931-1032.  You can mail or drop off a check at the park office or scan the QR code on the form HERE –Porch Rocker to pay with PayPal.

The Porch Rocker project is the next step after our successful Park Bench project, which you can see throughout the park. We truly appreciate your support so we can assist the park with many needed projects!