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We regularly perform not-so-random acts of kindness directed at helping the people and places that we love. People who have seen Watoga State Park in West Virginia come back to it time and again.

They come for the trails and the big trees. They come for the fish in the lake and the mountain air. When hikers flick fallen branches off a trail or choose to leave only footprints they are part of a large network of volunteers who love and support Watoga State Park. Little things count.

Lend a helping hand to Watoga State Park. You, too, can be a part of several worthwhile projects that the Foundation regularly undertakes in the Park.

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“Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.” — Author unknown.

How can you do your part for Watoga?

Simply by using it, Watoga’s guests help show the value of public lands and waters preserved for everyone. Bring friends and families to Watoga, then share your memories on your social media and tag us. More people visit parks that their friends have already visited. 

The lake is stocked with trout. You can volunteer to help at a fishing derby.

Ride a bike, hike a trail, paddle a canoe.   You can also learn about trail work opportunities with others in all seasons of the year.

The park puts on hundreds of nature programs each year, most are interactive for children.  Learn outdoor skills like Dutch oven cookery. Learn about our Dark Sky Parks.

Head back in time. Watoga’s history remains visible today. Stay in a cabin built by the Civilian Conservation Corps 80 years ago, hike a ridge trail as old as the hills, and see trees over 300 years old.  You can also earn inside stories of history and happenings via the Watoga Blog.

There are always new things to see, all year long.  Waterfalls in the spring. Wildflowers in the summer.  Foliage in the fall. A snow covered trail in the winter.  Nature is self-renewing. So are we. Come to rest and renew in our park.

Meet more Watoga volunteers through the Watoga State Park Foundation, a (501c3) nonprofit.
There’s strength in numbers.

Our trail races are held each August. A half marathon is a grand way to see 13 miles of woodland trails. The 5K trail race is a joy.


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