Elevation Profile, Half-Marathon Watoga Mountain Challenge

Half-Marathon topo map Watoga Mountain Trail Challenge

The half marathon is staged from Watoga’s Beaver Creek Campground. The first half mile is a loop along the road and the airstrip to the Allegheny Trail which passes through the park, then 2.1 miles of single-track trail take you to the Laurel Trail which runs .5 miles to the picnic shelter. A park road goes to the former stables area and joins the Bear Pen Trail for a short way. Turn right on the Busch Settlement Trail, which climbs about 1.5 miles to the North Boundary Trail. The North Boundary Trail is a forest road. In 1.5 miles you reach the other end of the Bear Pen Trail Trail and descend to Island Lick Branch, then pass along the branch to Watoga Lake and connect to the Lake Trail after 1.9 miles. The Lake Trail takes you to the Recreation Trail, and in about .5 miles to the T. M. Cheek trailhead at Pine Run. That trail climbs .5 miles to the T. M. Cheek Road, which connects to the Honeymoon Trail in .25 miles. In 1.6 miles you reach the Allegheny Trail again. From that point it’s 2.0 miles back to Beaver Creek and the finish. (Distances in this description are rough approximations. The entire race route has been measured accurately.)


New 3D interactive course map (courtesy of Paul Low)